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Railway Transport

Railway Transport

Why Railway Transport?

  • ​Annual fixed price guarantee​
  • Door to door delivery.​
  • Periodically reciprocal travel days​
  • Higher capacity in terms of tonnage.​
  • It is a safer transportation system that is not affected by climatic conditions and road bans.​

With rail transport, we give you the right to speak and opportunity all over the world. Some of these ;​

  • Full Container Loading (FCL)
  • Partial Container Loading (LCL)
  • FCL Domestic Services
  • High Tonnage Loads
  • Out-of-Dimensional Uploads
  • Regular shipping to the whole world and widespread agency network
  • to Turkey and from Turkey weekly consolidations

Railway transportation offers both a good solution to the nature and a good transaction to the customers, with its being more reliable, eliminating the risk of error with less effort, not being competitive in terms of cost, and gaining more advantages as a route.